Pet Wellness Clinics

We are excited to partner with local Veterinarian, Dr. Carolyn McCray, to provide low cost health services for dogs and cats. She travels to different locations around Lewis and now Thurston County to provide these valuable services to the community. 

Available Services

Clean Fangs Dental Cleanings


Clean Fangs, LLC has developed caring and compassionate techniques that allow 9 out of 10 pets to have routine cleanings without having to undergo anesthesia. In fact, they use the exact same ultrasonic cleaner and polisher that your vet uses! They can also prescribe oral anti-inflammatory liquid or antibiotics if needed.  

Smart Pets Vaccine & Wellness Clinics


Smart Pets advocates for vaccine safety and does not just shoot up all dogs or cats with every vaccine. She follows the AVMA in recognizing that some vaccines are core, or necessary for each and every pet. For dogs those are Distemper/Parvo/Rabies. For cats it is Panleukopenia/Rabies.