New Products


Adored Beast

This complete protocol is the intelligent way to help get rid dog yeast without dangerous yeast die-off. It's a safe and effective program of gentle herbs and homeopathic remedies.

The 3 product kit contains:

  • Liver Tonic - 60ml
  • Yeasty Beast - homeopathic comibination 60ml
  • Yeasty Beast - nutraceutical powder 69g



"Boom Bars were formulated by our Veterinarian team and our Executive Chef to serve a specific purpose. From active puppies to senior dogs, there is a Boom Bar option that suits every dog’s unique needs. Pet Releaf Boom Bars are human-grade, all-natural and 100% safe."


Meowijuana Catnip

Meowijuana Catnip has gained popularity for it's creative products like catnip buds and joints. Their catnip is high quality, organic and grown in the United States. 

We currently only carry the containers of loose catnip but we can bring in their other products upon request. They have catnip spray, doggy beer and beer treats. 


Earth Animal

Earth Animal was founded by Veterinarian, Dr. Bob Goldstein in 1979. He has developed herbal remedies, natural flea and tick treatments, no-hide treats and chews, calming products and supplements to support digestion and promote overall health.