RAW Movement

Why Feed RAW?

"In a world where commercial food is commonly used and is backed as “high quality” even after our pets suffer countless illnesses and diseases, in an ever increasing rate, responsible pet parents need to consider alternative routes to optimize companion pet’s health to provide them with the tools to sustain a longer, vibrant, and thriving life."  -Perfectly Rawsome

Millions of pets suffer from preventable illnesses, diseases and allergies and they are increasing at alarming rates. But what is the solution? In most cases, it boils down to a healthy diet. 

Here are some of the many benefits of feeding raw:

Stronger Immune System

Stabilized Energy Levels

Ideal Weight Maintenance

Improved Coat Condition

Smaller & Less Odorous Stools

White Teeth & Fresh Breath 

If you are interested in learning more about feeding raw there are many great online resources. Make sure you do your homework before taking the plunge so you don't make these common Beginner Mistakes. 

Common Myths

There tend to be myths associated 

with many growing movements, and raw diets are no exception. These myths are often created without a full understanding of the diet or how the diet impacts a pet’s life. Do you know the difference?

Raw Diet Options